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The Role Electrification Plays in Your Home blog header image
June 9, 2022
Homeowners are increasingly aware of the impact their home’s operations have on the environment. As a result, many are seeking opportunities to reduce their reliance on traditional fossil fuel sources to power their homes in Seneca, Greer, Clemson, Easley, and Greenville, South Carolina.Reducing... Read more
Efficient Home header image
May 17, 2022
Side Exterior Angle of a High Performance Home by Addison Homes
January 24, 2022
At Addison Homes, we believe that everyone from Greer to Greenville should be able to enjoy a high performance home. But not everyone knows the value these exceptional properties can provide for homeowners in South Carolina, so as experts in high performance homes, we’re here to share how you can... Read more
Builder working on framing of home during blue, sunny day
October 7, 2021
There are few times as exciting as deciding to build a new home. Taking the opportunity to build a property to suit your exact needs and specifications is a smart and practical investment!At Addison Homes, we’ve partnered with many families in Greenville who are ready to build the home of their... Read more
woman using tablet with smart home technology software
September 13, 2021
Simple, affordable wireless is making the long-predicted smart home a must-have, with new wireless devices designed to make home life easier, healthier, safer, and, yes — more fun. Growth in smart home technology is thanks mostly to affordable wireless technology. Smart home tech devices now cost a... Read more
bar in basement
September 1, 2021
Does your family need extra space to spread out? Adding a basement to your new home may be the perfect solution. Many of the home plans we offer here at Addison Homes include basements, allowing you to add additional living space to your new house. If you’re thinking about including a basement in... Read more
exterior of addison homes valley oaks home
June 8, 2021
The type of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system you install in your new home isn’t a decision that you want to overlook. Your heating and cooling system is essential to your home’s comfort, health, and energy efficiency, and you should choose an option that will serve you well... Read more
man sneezing into hands
June 2, 2021
If you’ve been feeling like you just can’t shake your allergies this spring, even when you’re inside, you may be dealing with poor indoor air quality (IAQ). Poor IAQ causes many of the same symptoms as seasonal allergies, but unlike spring allergies, the symptoms of poor IAQ won’t go away when the... Read more
particles in air
April 29, 2021
Indoor air quality (IAQ) has always been important, and with the COVID-19 virus continuing to spread, it’s more crucial now than ever before to take your home’s indoor air quality seriously. If you’re building a new home this spring, you’re in a great position to create a healthy indoor environment... Read more
Paper cut out of house
December 16, 2020
Read the latest NAHB Asking the Green Building Experts featuring Addison Homes founder and president, Todd Usher, on the Benefits of Continuing Education. Read the full interview here. 
November 4, 2020
plan_emerson_front-300x227.jpg What does it look like behind the walls of the first mainstream Zero Energy Home in Greenville SC?That’s a question Greenville HBA’s Sales & Marketing Council asked – and Addison Homes has the answer! So we are hosting an... Read more