Collaborative at Every Step

When you build a Healthy HighPerformance Home with Addison homes, we want you to be comfortable and informed throughout the entire building process. Our process has been fine-tuned and optimized to allow for open communication and easy understanding. You deserve to know the ins and outs of each aspect of your new home, and at Addison Homes we want you to build with confidence.

Addison Homes uses an exclusive Healthy HighPerformance building process with all of the Upstate SC homes we build to ensure every single one consistently performs at its best for years to come. This is what you can expect from our team when you build a home with Addison.  



The first thing to do as you start building your HighPerformance home with Addison is select a floorplan or a design services agreement. We will then move to a site evaluation and a preliminary budget. After that is determined, we can put together the construction documents and the engineering agreement. The last thing to do before the construction agreement is finished is for you to pick the final finishes and features you would like in your new HighPerformance Home.


Signed Construction Agreement

Once we’ve signed the construction agreement, we’ll reserve the construction start date and you’ll sign off on the plan. If necessary, this is where we will submit the construction documents to your lender and we can close with your bank. Before we break ground, there will be a preconstruction meeting to make sure everything has been properly communicated so we can hit the ground running.


Construction Begins

This is where things really get moving. Our crew of construction professionals will carefully take each step from here on out, ensuring it meets our HighPerformance standards. We will proceed in this order: foundation, framing, roofing, windows and doors, installation of rough heating/electrical/plumbing, insulation, siding and drywall, trim, doors and cabinets, paint, door and bathroom hardware, flooring, driveway and exterior concrete, and landscaping.

After all this is done, we will test for our final HighPerformance standards. This is where we will bring you back in and orient you to how your new home will operate before we get a Certificate of Occupancy.



TIme to hand over the keys! We will visit in 30 days and after one year to do warranty visits and ensure your home is just how you envisioned it.


The Healthy HighPerformance Building Process

We’ve provided you with a detailed blueprint of each step we will go through with you as you build your new healthy home with Addison. From the welcoming steps of picking your floorplan and signing the construction agreement, to the actual construction of your home, to the move-in date and the 90-day and one-year warranty inspections, you will never be left in the dark about the next step in the building process. We pride ourselves on being proactive when it comes to educating you on your home, so rest easy knowing we will be the ones to get a hold of you!

You can have a look at our diagram here, or if you’d like to print and share the Healthy HighPerformance Building Process with your family, you can download and print a PDF below.

Download the Healthy HighPerformance Process PDF


Build with Confidence — Build with Addison

Addison Homes wants you to have a home that not only looks beautiful inside and out, but also performs to the highest standard for you and your family. You eat, sleep, and breathe in your home; why not make it as healthy as possible? Combining form and function is our goal, so see what the Healthy HighPerformance difference can mean for you and your family.



You shouldn’t be left in the dark during your home building process. The professionals at Addison Homes will keep you in the loop as we build you a beautiful, high performing home. Call 864-848-2667 or contact us to learn more.

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