Stay Safe, No Matter What the Weather Brings

In an area where severe storms, hail, and other types of harsh weather are not uncommon, it’s great to have the peace of mind that your home can withstand whatever natural hazards may strike. That’s why every home we build is certified to DOE Zero Energy Ready Home standards. Zero Energy Ready homes outrank even ENERGY STAR homes in terms of durability. They feature whole-house water protection, are easier to maintain, and cost less in upkeep over the course of home ownership.

We also give our clients the choice of building to FORTIFIED for Safer Living standards. FORTIFIED homes are stronger and more likely to hold up against hurricanes, high winds, hail, and severe thunderstorms.

Addison Homes are built using advanced construction practices so they stand the test of time and far exceed the latest code requirements.

DOE Zero Energy Ready homes have comprehensive draft protection and high performance windows and insulation. They also feature dry-by-design construction for water protection inside and out.

FORTIFIED for Safer Living homes are designed to be more resilient against any hazard which may strike in Upstate SC, including extreme winds, heavy rain, floods, and hail.

DOE Zero Energy Ready and FORTIFIED for Safer Living homes are more marketable and help homeowners lower the cost of recovery after a disaster.  



Want a home that’s more resilient against hazardous weather? We can help. Call 864-848-2667 or contact us to talk to our team.