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FACT: The EPA estimates 2 to 5 times higher indoor chemical pollutant levels in the average U.S. home.


FACT: 19% of U.S. households have at least 1 person with asthma.


FACT: There are 1,800,000 Emergency Room visits each year in the U.S. due to asthma.


A HighPerformance Home goes beyond sustainability and energy efficiency; it’s a home that allows you to “Dwell Well” in a healthy indoor environment. One of our clients provided the following testimonial which clearly illustrates the benefits of HighPerformance building: 


"When we first met with Addison Homes, they explained the benefits of energy-efficient windows and appliances. They knew about tax credits for using certain products and were very knowledgeable about the benefits of building “green.” While we were excited about building a HighPerformance Home with Addison, we were astounded to find that the most significant benefit of our home was the indoor air quality. Our two oldest children who had suffered with asthma for years no longer needed breathing treatments after moving into our new home in July of 2007. It’s comforting not to hear them cough every night. As for the energy efficiency, we moved from a 1,300- square-foot house to our new 4,000-square-foot house and the power bill is actually lower. If you’re building a new home, HighPerformance building is the way to go. The price is comparable, and the benefits are far greater." - Lenford & Romanda Gordon, Piedmont, SC


At Addison Homes, we understand that indoor air quality (IAQ) has a major impact on the health of you and your family. That’s why every home we build is certified to the EPA’s Indoor airPLUS standard. EPA Indoor airPLUS homes are designed to minimize your exposure to mold, allergens, carbon monoxide, and other harmful contaminants. Our homes are independently certified to meet the EPA Indoor airPLUS® standards including these and other benefits which can impact health:


Mold multiplies quickly when excess moisture finds its way into your home. It’s also a major trigger for allergy symptoms. Allergy and asthma episodes are reduced by fully sealing, caulking and screening likely pest entry points which lessen the residue from rodents and cockroaches that can trigger these problems.

Houses in South Carolina are at risk for radon exposure, especially in higher radon potential areas (Greenville County), which can enter from underground via cracks in the foundation. We use radon resistant construction techniques to keep this second leading cause of lung cancer out of your home. 

Carbon monoxide is lethal in high concentrations; yet any home with combustion appliances is at risk for exposure. We install carbon monoxide alarms in all sleeping areas and specially vent all combustion appliances to prevent back drafting. Combustion Pollutant Exposure risks are reduced by utilizing heating equipment that cannot leak harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide indoors.

Addison homes are built using moisture resistant building materials and advanced drainage systems to keep water out. Moisture Control strategies reduce mold, mildew, and other biological pollutants that can negatively impact health. 



So, go ahead and take a deep breath. You’re in a healthy home.


Click here to download our article about Indoor Air Quality. 


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