At Addison Homes, we often talk about how our homes are “healthy” and “high performing.” But what exactly does that mean — both for your home and for you? We’d like to take a moment help you understand what a Healthy HighPerformance Home is — and why we wish every homeowner in here Upstate SC could live in one.


Built to Higher Standards

Imagine that you’re at a car dealership, looking to get the best value for your money. You see a number of great options in the showroom, but then you head to the back where the salesperson shows you a car of the future. The car is built to 2030 technology standards and has features like autonomous driving, 80 mpg, and ultra-advanced safety features. Then the salesperson tells you that you could have this car for just 10% more. What would you do?

That’s a lot like getting a Healthy HighPerformance home with Addison Homes. Rather than following today’s standard home building codes, we build to advanced standards like ENERGY STAR, EPA Indoor airPLUS, WaterSense, and Zero Energy Ready. As a result, our homes are more energy efficient, healthier, and simply more comfortable to live in — all while remaining affordable.


Designed with You in Mind

Addison Homes are designed with you in mind, with features you may not have even realized you needed. To ensure optimum comfort and quiet, we always use upgraded, high performance insulation. To help you save on your utility bills, we install energy efficient HVAC equipment, water saving appliances, and other key features that make your entire home more efficient. And for those who desire increased accessibility, we offer convenient features like zero-step showers and no steps leading into the home from the garage. These are just some of the many features that will work together to make your home more comfortable and more enjoyable to live in every day.


Simply Perform Better

Wouldn’t it be great to know that your home is saving as much energy as possible, supporting your family’s health, and durable enough to last for many years to come? With a Healthy HighPerformance Home by Addison, you can have that peace of mind. Our homes simply perform better, offering everyday benefits like:

Greater Energy Efficiency

Lower Utility Bills

Increased Overall Comfort

Better Indoor Air Quality

Simple Maintenance

At Addison Homes, we believe in giving our clients in Upstate SC more for their home investment. We build green homes that are not only beautiful but also comfortable, healthy, durable, and efficient. So, it only follows that one of the most frequent questions our customers ask is, “Does high performance cost more?”



Every Healthy HighPerformance Home we build offers outstanding benefits like greater energy efficiency, lower running costs, easy maintenance, and universal design. And while it may seem like these are perks that only come with a higher price tag, we’re able to offer these benefits affordably because we’re firmly committed to doing things the right way, the first time.

From the initial home design to installing the final, finishing touches on your new home, we take pride in bringing you a home gives you more for your investment.



Many home builders build to minimum code requirements or try to cut costs by using second-rate construction materials. Though this is one way to keep costs down, it can only mean high maintenance and repair costs in the long run. Our homes are different because we use efficient designs and smart solutions to give you better value. Your high performance Addison home will not only be affordable but also cost less to maintain in the years to come.

Our pricing is competitive even with builders who don’t share our building philosophy — and probably more competitive when you consider the many unique features our homes have.



Whether you’re ready to build a $250,000 home or a $750,000 home, Addison Homes will give you the most value for every dollar spent. We’re efficient at giving you high performance for less because high performance is all we do. Our homes go above typical building standards to earn certifications like ENERGY STAR and EPA Indoor airPLUS. The difference in our homes really is in the details.


Our Building Philosophy

At Addison Homes, our goal first and foremost is to design and build homes here in Upstate SC that bring you and your family form as well as function. We do this by maintaining a personal commitment to sustainable principles and adhering to well-defined building processes and procedures.

Not only do we hold our own processes to a high standard, but we also make sure your home is objectively held to a Healthy HighPerformance standard, as our team abides to a number of National Certification Programs.



When you build your new Healthy HighPerformance home with Addison, you can rest easy knowing that you home is built above and beyond the current standard for sustainability, efficiency, and quality. We have even built award winning homes that meet all of the above standards. With our philosophy of keeping your home high performing, beautiful and healthy, you can finally Dwell Well in in your Greenville, SC area home.

Are you ready for a beautifully built home that exceeds nearly every standard for home performance? The experts at Addison Homes want to get started on your Healthy HighPerformance home today.



Learn more about the benefits of owning a Healthy HighPerformance Home by Addison Homes. Call 864-848-2667 or contact us to schedule a consultation or site evaluation!