Your home is the most important building in your life, so doesn’t it make sense that it should be as healthy, safe, and comfortable as possible?

LEED for Homes is a program designed to promote more sustainable home building and homes that are healthier, safer, and more comfortable. Addison Homes has partnered with LEED for Homes to provide our clients in Upstate South Carolina with homes that are more efficient, feel more comfortable, and have better indoor air quality.

Here are a few of the benefits you can expect with a LEED certified home:

Use Less Energy & Water

LEED certified homes use about 30% to 60% less energy every month compared to non-certified homes. They also use less water. For you, that means lower utility bills, reduced maintenance costs, and an overall more sustainable home.

More Comfortable

LEED certified homes are designed to be heated and cooled with minimal energy usage and are tested to minimize ductwork and envelope leakage. This means you can feel more comfortable indoors while using less energy.

Healthier Indoor Air Quality

The EPA estimates that indoor air is two to ten times more polluted than outdoor air. LEED certified homes are designed to minimize your exposure to airborne pollutants and maximize fresh air indoors, with measures like proper ventilation and high performance air filters. This ensures healthier indoor air quality and reduces your family’s risk of allergy and asthma like symptoms.

Higher Resale Value

In many markets, certified green homes sell more quickly, and for more money, than comparable non-certified homes.  LEED certified homes may also qualify for discounted insurance, tax breaks, and other incentives.

For more information about LEED for Homes, click HERE.



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