December 21, 2015

We can tell clients about our exacting specifications – but it’s easier to demonstrate construction quality during job site visits and show how these standards ensure reliable comfort in the finished home.

Many new home builders talk about “quality,” but few are able to explain what that means to their clients. This should not be a mystery; construction quality is easy to see when you know what to look for. As a professional builder, we not only take pride in creating high-quality homes, but also in making sure that our homeowners have a quality experience and understand the difference it makes.

The building process may seem relatively foreign to those outside of the industry. The best way to help homebuyers understand construction processes and procedures — and appreciate the value of the high-quality materials and methods we employ — is to schedule visits to the job site at key milestones. Walking through a newly framed home, for instance, allows us to point out the tight tolerances we require from our framing crews. On-site, we can show examples and explain why these standards help to ensure reliable performance and comfort in the finished home.

After framing, homeowners can watch how we install wiring, plumbing and mechanical systems. Our exacting specifications ensure those systems perform as designed — and as promised. As construction continues, clients can schedule similar walk-throughs so we can showcase the high-level materials and methods we use  What may be difficult to articulate in the office regarding construction quality becomes clearly demonstrated as the house takes shape.

Another indicator of quality is the condition of our job sites. We require our crews and trade partners to maintain a clean site. Disposing of trash and scrap materials makes for a professional work environment – and a safe work environment, too. We believe that our insistence on a properly maintained job site translates to professional, superior-quality workmanship.

As a new home nears completion, quality is even easier to see and understand from a homebuyer’s point of view. Again, adhering to tight tolerances, we work hard to make sure that walls are smooth and that cabinets, trim and other fixtures fit snugly into place. We make certain that windows and doors operate smoothly, and that flooring and other finishes are installed to meet the expectations of our discerning clientele.

But the true test of construction quality is occupancy. Clients will come to understand what we mean by quality after living in their home for a while. How our homes stand the test of time is a testament to the quality we strive to achieve from the foundation to the rooftop.

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