August 1, 2016

A Zero Energy Ready Home is the home of the future — a better home — and it is available today.

What is a Zero Energy Ready Home? Why does Addison build every new home to this standard and — more importantly — how does this benefit our clients?

Built to rigorous standards established by the U.S. Department of Energy, a Zero Energy Ready Home is a house that “lives better, works better and lasts better.” The many benefits of Zero Energy Ready Homes include:

Healthful Environment: a comprehensive package of measures to minimize pollutants, provide continuous fresh air, and effectively filter the air homeowners breathe.

Comfort Plus: high-efficiency insulation, windows, air sealing and space conditioning systems to surround residents with even temperatures, low-humidity, and quiet in every room on every floor.

Advanced Technology: advanced technologies and practices as recommended by leading housing experts from DOE’s research program, Building America.

Ultra Efficiency: a home so energy efficient that a small solar electric system can offset most, or all, of its annual energy consumption.

Verified Quality: better construction, appliances and equipment in addition to rigorous inspections, diagnostics and checklists enforced by independent verifiers to ensure overall quality.

Durability: advanced levels of energy savings, comfort, health, durability, quality and performance that stand the test of time and enhance future value.

Take the DOE’s Tour of Zero to see examples of certified Zero Energy Ready Homes.

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