July 30, 2014
Addison Homes is the leading Upstate SC builder of healthy, highperformance homes. We personalize every home we build to accommodate the very specific preferences and needs of each individual client. Here are five of our favorite trends that our design team can incorporate into the kitchen of your new home:

1) Open Floor Plan – Open, integrated spaces are found in every one of our Trailside home plans. These comfortable, flowing layouts are ideal for entertaining and interacting with friends and family while in the kitchen, breakfast nook and family room.

2) Hidden Appliances – Not every homeowner wants appliances displayed 24/7. One of the greatest benefits of designing your own home is that you can put things where you want them – including out of sight. Integrating an appliance garage into your cabinetry design keeps frequently used appliances conveniently hidden, but plugged in and ready to use without cluttering your counter space.

3) Cookbook Shelves – Love to cook? Want to avoid having your cookbooks scattered all over the place? Incorporating cookbook shelves in your kitchen design is a creative way to keep frequently used recipe guides in an easily accessible, centralized location. Shelving fosters organization and makes it easier to keep cookbooks in good condition.

4) Elegant Fixtures – Addison Homes is known for incorporating enhanced utility into our homes. A trend that’s becoming all the rage again is a tall gooseneck faucet. Gooseneck faucets are popular for their reach as well as beautiful lines and curves. The swivel spout is perfect for rinsing salads, veggies, fish, poultry and other meats as well as cleaning and filling pitchers, large pots and pans.

5) Beautiful Artwork – Your favorite Upstate SC builder can design a beautiful kitchen. You can take it to the next level and complete the look by using a beautiful piece of artwork to add a punch of color and make an appliance pop. Artwork can also be used to create a focal point in your kitchen.

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