April 19, 2016

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” ~ Anonymous

Want to plant a tree? Our friends at TreesGreenville can help!

It’s springtime, so that old proverb is right: plant a tree now for the best results. Survival rates decrease when trees are planted in hot summer months. Here are some tips from our friends at TreesGreenville.

Select your trees based upon their mature size, sunlight and soil moisture recommendations.

Soil Moisture – Is the soil wet, moist, dry?

Space – Is there overhead space (or are there utility lines)?  Root Space? Width Space (on the ground and in the air)?

Use – Are you looking for an urban tolerant tree to plant near the high heat of a street? A reforestation tree for a naturalized site? A tree with edible fruit? A shade tree, flowering tree, or evergreen tree?

Sunlight – How much sunlight does the spot get?

Drought Tolerance – Greenville summers are relatively dry. Look for drought-tolerant trees and be prepared to water your tree for two years during the summer.

Soil Compaction –Trees don’t like compact soils. They prefer soil that has pores.  These pores are how trees get their water, air, nutrients and minerals.  If you are planting in compact soil, do your best to dig a wide hole (two to three times as wide as the tree’s container).

Mulch – Use the 2x2x2 rule: 2 feet wide, 2 inches deep, 2 inches away from the trunk of the tree.

Expose the root flare – Don’t bury your tree too deep. Expose the root flare and plant it level with the ground.

Remove all circling roots – Shave off half an inch around the rootball.

Visit TreesGreenville for complete guidelines on how to plant a tree.

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